American Diploma

The American Diploma Program was implemented in Al Hamraa Girls' School in September 2007. It aims to provide students with the best educational possibilities in the American curricula and in the Arabic and Islamic Studies curricula that are approved by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

The main medium of instruction in the program is English.  Arabic is utilized only in the instruction of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

The school is accredited by both the AdvancED and the Saudi Ministry of Education.

The program operates on a credit system.  Students in high school (grades 9-12) must complete 32 credits to graduate with an American Diploma certificate. Students from the Arabic section in Al Hamraa Girls' School and other schools can transfer to the American Diploma program.  We also accept transfers from international schools and schools that utilize a similar credit system.

Teachers in the program are screened carefully to ensure that they have content knowledge in their subject areas, teaching skills, and English proficiency.  The school has applied strategic plans to develop teachers' skills and ensure that they acquire the best development and training opportunities.

The academic year 2010/2011 witnessed the graduation of our first group of twelve graders.  We are proud that our graduates were successfully enrolled at King Abdul-Aziz University, other private colleges in Saudi Arabia, and in reputable universities in the U.S., Canada, and England.
We strive to ensure that our students will achieve the best academic results, but will also become productive members of the community. As a prerequisite for graduation, our students must complete a specific number of hours in community services.  Several of our students did outstanding work during the Jeddah floods in 2007 and 2011.
The American Diploma program prides itself on the important role the school plays in the local community. It hosts a series of lectures each academic year to both schoolteachers and administrators, and members of the local community.  It also hosts several social events that are used to raise funds for local charities.  The school is also a member of the Jeddah United Schools Organization.

Mrs.Farida Farsi, the school owner, takes an active role in the nine-member private girls’ school organization. The organization works on spreading awareness about issues that are vital to the community like breast cancer awareness.